Avaliação do Usuário

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Executive Secretary 2013-2016
Race Officials Committee - Judges and Umpires leader (2018 - now)
 Ethical Council - Member (2019 - now)
World Sailing
International Judge 2000-2016
International Umpire 2008-2016
Member of Racing Rules Committee 2013-2016
Member of International Umpires Sub-Committee 2009-2016
Member of Rule 42 Working Party 2013-2014
Member of Q&A Panel 2012-2016
Member Match Race Rules Working Group 2012-2016
Member of Youth Match Racing Working Party 2018-now
Snipe Class
Fleet 159 Captain 2005-2006
Brazilian National Secretary 2007-2010
Member at Large SCIRA 2007-2009
SCIRA Secretary 2010-2011
SCIRA Vice Commodore 2012-2013
SCIRA Commodore 2014-2015
Fleet Captain of Laser fleet at Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro - 1992-1995
Launched the Laser South Class website and mailing list in 1996
Vice President - ABCL - Brazilian Laser Class Association Vice-President 1997-1998 
Member of CBVM appeals and Race Officials committee -1996-2012
Founder and Lifetime Council Member of Búzios Vela Clube - 1999 - now
International One Meter (Radio Sailing) President Brazilian Association 2004
ABRAMATCH (Brazilian Match Race Association) Founder and Secretary 2006-2013